Ourgreenfarm is coming soon. We will grow delicious, organic, 
nutrient dense salads and vegetables for local people and businesses

mmm... food for thought.

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A truly sustainable business

Sustainability is an often misused term but this little farm will be truly sustainable by any metric        
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Organic and beyond            

The term 'organic' means different things to different people. The industry standards have been diluted as big business has entered this space
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Hand scale and              bio-intensive

This bio-intensive method of farming is seeing a resurgence all over the world
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Nutrient Dense

Ourgreenfarm says NO to:

Artificial fertilisers
Artificial pesticides
Deep soil tillage
Large tractors and machinery
Excessive food miles

Ourgreenfarm says YES to:

Working with nature
Composting and recycling
Local customers
Land-race seeds
Water and energy saving
Healthy, clean food
Building and nurturing soil
Growing in real soil

Welcome to the ourgreenfarm website

Like the farm, this website is still under construction... press the 'about Ourgreenfarm and progress' button for any new information.

We are here:

Westhay Moor Drove
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